"Sterling Silver Farm"and "Bridge" by Zeta Studio D’arte Sterling Silver from Italy

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This gorgeous set is imported from Italy and made with 925 sterling silver plate and other valuable materials to create bold and original combinations of images.

Artist Aurelio Alabardi works in Castelfidardo, Italy, where he owns his workshop, “Zeta Studio D’arte”. Zeta is well known in making artistic silver wear and hailing from a region famous for high silver wear quality.
The artist is involved in all stages of the creative process, from planning to making the models, all the details of the original sculpture are recreated in the models he handcrafted.
Their products have a very good reputation among international buyers.

Artwork is professionally framed
Size: 10.5 inches x 10.5 inches.

Would be a thoughtful gift for anyone in your life, or something special for yourself!


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