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About Us

Our Story.

Where it all began...

A half decade ago, a group of passionate and philanthropic individuals. united around an idea. The idea was to create a business that would Empower Courageous Solutions for Social Impact.

So, what does this mean? Our small, bold and unsuspecting team wanted to find a way to rally and ignite a community that could help bolster up those facing challenges: a mom fighting breast cancer with everything she has, a child who is sick and the parents that don’t have all the answers (all while juggling the rest of life), a dad whose life was cut way to short through a sudden and unexpected heart attack - these aren’t random stories. These are our stories. We just know these stories don’t belong to us alone. We all have stories and challenges. It can all be pretty heavy and take its toll, especially when one feels alone.

This lies at the root of all we do.
We are hard at work innovating social impact solutions to deliver...
‍More Heart. More Fun. More Hope.

We do this by interacting with your stories, always adding an element of fun in everything we do and showing tangible evidence of hope in action - all to create a community of courageous change makers.

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