2019 Sweepstakes Greeting Card Packs (4) plus a Bulova Picture Frame Clock

This pack gives you 20 entries in the 2019 Sweepstakes!

2019 Sweepstakes - 4 Greeting Card Packs

  • Thirty-two (32) beautifully hand-designed cards that can be customized for any occasion (blank inside). Envelopes included.
  • This pack gives you 20 entries to win in the 2019 Sweepstakes!
    • Prizes include:
      Daily cash draws (minimum $1000, up to $26,000)
      Bonus prizes ($1000 Amazon gift cards)
      $10 million grand prize


A Bulova Picture Frame Clock
The Bulova Photo Frame Desk and Table Clock is a bi-fold clock with a brushed aluminum case. 
The first panel holds a 3.5" x 5" photograph which inserted from an access panel in the back. 
The second panel has a rectangular clock with a white face and black Arabic numbers. 
The straight black hour and minute hands are easy to read.
The sides and back of the clock are finished in a black felt and battery access for the movement is also attached on the back. Requires one (AA) battery, not included.